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Your members are busy. While they don't have a lot of time, they do want to stay informed and involved with professional and advocacy activities related to their careers or hobbies. Your mission is to make this as easy as possible.

When you use Trumba Connect, a web-hosted solution for publishing and promoting events online, you can provide your members with customized, interactive event information that they can easily find and download.

Expand each of the following key benefits to learn more about how Trumba Connect helps get your website onto your members' bookmark bars.

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expandGet up and running quickly

  • Take advantage of Software as a Service by subscribing to our web-hosted solution. You have nothing to download or install. Because the software is already up and running on our servers, once you decide on your account and calendar structure, you're ready to get your events online.
  • Save time and money by relying on our secure server and network infrastructure. Immediately benefit, with no action required on your part, from frequent upgrades and bug fixes.

expandProvide events that members easily find and remember

  • Your association keeps tabs on a wide range of relevant activities, including conferences, workshops, political actions, and social outings. This variety is great but it has a down side. With so many options, it's not always easy for members to find specific activities they want. When you publish a Trumba calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of widgets that control the way events display. By copying and pasting these control widgets into the same page as your website calendar, you give members the ability to search for, filter and sort, and change the display of events.
  • With Trumba Connect, members don't have to visit the full calendar to find out what's coming up. When you publish a Trumba calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of interactive event promotion widgets that you can place anywhere on your website. Members click a widget link to see event details or navigate to the full calendar. When you use widgets to promote events on pages throughout your website, your events are more discoverable and you drive traffic to the calendar page.

expandIntegrate events into your members' personal calendars

  • Every Trumba calendar you publish is interactive. Members can easily add events to their Microsoft® Office Outlook®, Google®, Yahoo!®, and other personal calendars, set reminders, arrange to be notified if classes change, and more. They can also set up RSS feeds or subscribe to calendar emails so that information about new and updated events is delivered to them automatically.

expandAlways provide the most current event information

  • No more waiting on the web developer for the latest schedule changes to go live. The Trumba Connect editing environment is intuitive enough for anyone in your association to use. Our flexible permissions hierarchy allows you to centralize responsibility for creating calendars and managing accounts and delegate maintenance to the appropriate event organizers or administrators. Anyone with an editor account can add, delete, and update events and all changes appear immediately on the website.

expandReach out to your members

  • With Trumba Connect, it's easy to keep members informed. You can set up a distribution list and an email schedule in connection with a calendar that you publish. Periodic email messages containing upcoming events are sent automatically to the members on the list.
  • You can invite specific members to events or set up open registration so that anyone who sees the event on your website calendar can sign up to attend. The invitation interface allows you to set registration limits and deadlines, track responses, send reminders to people who haven't responded, and more.

expandPromote certification and other processes

  • Are there certification steps that your members have to follow to move to the next level in their careers? You can publish a Trumba calendar that lists the steps, associates each step with a deadline, and assigns each a priority. Members can sort events by priority, add step deadlines to their personal calendars, and take other actions.

expandMake complex conference schedules easy to use

  • The flexibility of Trumba Connect makes it possible for you to present complex conference schedules in a clear, easy-to-navigate format. When looking at the full conference calendar, members can easily identify tracks by color, filter events by track, and search for events by keyword. In addition, by publishing a separate calendar for each track, you give members the option of seeing only events they care about. Because members can easily add events to their personal calendars, they can quickly create their own personalized conference schedules.

expandKeep your association brand at the forefront

  • When you publish website calendars and other event widgets using Trumba Connect, you're in control. Using a Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other widgets reflect your association brand and integrate fully into your website.

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