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Trumba Connect is the right website calendar and event promotion solution for a broad range of organizations.

Expand each of the following options to learn more about the benefits that Trumba Connect offers to specific markets. Keep in mind that, in addition to the benefits described below, all calendars that you publish using Trumba Connect:

  • Are interactive, which means that calendar visitors can add events to their personal calendars, set reminders, forward events to friends, subscribe to RSS feeds and calendar updates, and more.
  • Can be customized at a detailed level so that calendars and other event widgets reflect your website colors and brand.
  • Can be embedded easily, using copy and paste, into your own website.


  • Become the definitive local events resource by encouraging community members to submit events.
  • Attract readers with interactive event calendars that allow them to easily find and remember events that matter.
  • Reverse publish event information that you store in the Trumba database so you can re-use it in print newspapers.

expandHigher educationmore

  • Provide event information to a range of audiences, choosing the event content and calendar view appropriate for each.
  • Delegate event maintenance while retaining central control over calendars and accounts.
  • Reach out to donors and the community through invitations, online registration, and calendar email messages that list upcoming events.

expandWeb developersmore

  • Implement powerful website calendars for clients without incurring the costs associated with building your own calendar solution.
  • Set up, and then leave maintenance to your clients.


  • Boost awareness of product training sessions and seminars by promoting them throughout your website and even on other related sites.
  • Target customer segments by sending invitations and scheduled calendar email messages that list upcoming events.

expandHealth clubsmore

  • Always give members access to the latest class information with updates that go live immediately.
  • Keep calendars up to date with no help from a web developer and delegate maintenance to the appropriate fitness specialists.


  • Provide one central place where employees can easily find the events and critical deadlines that interest them.
  • Make it easy for employees to add event information to their personal calendars and increase the likelihood that they will attend company events and training opportunites.

expandCities and towns

  • Increase awareness of all that your city or town has to offer by promoting events throughout your website.
  • Provide searchable, sortable calendars that make it easy for visitors to find and remember events that matter.


  • Reach out to members through invitations, online registration, and calendar email messages that list upcoming events.
  • Present a wide range of schedule-driven activities in an attractive, easy-to-navigate format.
  • Organize and present conference events so attendees easily find sessions of interest.

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