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Presenting events effectively is a core part of any academic institution's mission.

Athletic, artistic, and academic events convey to potential donors and the community at large the vibrancy of your institution. Students at all levels progress through their programs by meeting a series of specific deadlines. Campus and program governance requires active participation from faculty members and administrators.

The Trumba Connect website calendar solution provides you with all of the tools you need to effectively present and promote your events online.

Expand each of the following key benefits to learn more.

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expandGet up and running quickly

  • Take advantage of Software as a Service by subscribing to our web-hosted solution. You have nothing to download or install. Because the software is already up and running on our servers, once you decide on your account and calendar structure, you're ready to get your events online.
  • Save time and money by relying on our secure server and network infrastructure. Immediately benefit, with no action required on your part, from frequent upgrades and bug fixes.

expandProvide events that everyone easily finds and remembers

  • Use the innovative event publishing process in Trumba Connect to copy and paste design-quality calendars into pages on your website. You can tailor the way events display to accommodate the needs of each constituency. For example, you might publish the graduate school application calendar in a classical month format and the performing arts schedule in a performance format that displays notes and even pictures with each event.
  • When you publish a calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of widgets that control the way events display. By placing these control widgets next to your website calendar, you give calendar visitors the ability to search for events, filter them, and change the view to suit their preferences.
  • Every Trumba calendar that you publish is interactive. Calendar visitors can easily add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and more. They can also set up RSS feeds or subscribe to calendar emails so that information about new and updated events is delivered to them automatically.

expandReach out to donors and the community at large

  • You can invite specific people to an event or set up open registration so that anyone who sees the event on your website calendar can sign up to attend. The invitation interface allows you to set registration limits and deadlines, track responses, send reminders to people who haven't responded, and more.
  • With Trumba Connect, it's easy to keep a specific constituency informed. You can set up a distribution list and an email schedule in connection with a calendar that you publish. Periodic email messages containing upcoming events are sent automatically to the people on the list.

expandDevelop custom event types that reflect your needs

  • You decide what types of events you want to publish and what information, from text to links to pictures, each type should contain. You can put together your event types from the built-in information fields we provide or create your own fields.

expandManage and update events using your process

  • Trumba Connect provides a flexible permissions hierarchy that allows you to centralize responsibility for creating calendars and handling accounts. You can delegate maintenance to editor account holders from other departments who update events or maintain calendar email distribution lists.
  • You can create as many calendars as you need to appropriately organize your events. By publishing combinations of calendars, you can tailor-make the view you present to a specific constituency.

expandKeep your school colors and brand at the forefront

  • When you publish website calendars and other event widgets using Trumba Connect, you're in control. Using a Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other widgets reflect your brand and integrate fully into your site.

expandBroadcast events or keep them private

  • Events that take place on your campus—from concerts, football games, and fund raising activities to department meetings and academic integrity hearings—reflect the diverse constituencies you serve. For each calendar that you publish, you have control over how public the events will be. You can protect calendars with passwords, make them unsearchable, use secure URLs, and more.

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