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Pricing FAQ

In the following table, you can find answers to the most common questions we receive from people considering a Trumba Connect subscription.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please consult the Billing and Accounts FAQ or contact Sales.

Question Answer
Hundreds of people need to view my calendar. Do they all need accounts? No. When you publish your calendar and embed it into your website, you make the calendar and its events available to everyone who visits your site.
I have colleagues who need to edit my calendar. Does each editor need an account? Yes, we offer additional lower priced editor accounts that you can add after purchasing a publisher account. Please contact Sales for more information.
Can I pay with an invoice rather than a credit card? We offer invoice payments for multi-account customers and for single account customers that pay on an annual basis. Please contact Sales for more information.
Can I pay quarterly? Yes, if we are invoicing you. A quarterly option is not available for credit card transactions.
Do you provide implementation assistance? We offer various levels of implementation assistance depending upon your needs.

If you prefer to have Trumba Corp. handle certain aspects your implementation, we can discuss custom implementation as part of your subscription package.

If you want consultation and/or training assistance, you can purchase one of our setup packages or hire our Client Services representatives by the hour. For information about pricing, please contact Sales.

If you need help solving problems or choosing the most effective approach, you can contact technical support by phone, email, and our product support forum. For more information, visit our Support Center.

What are page views? We define a page view as any display of event information that requires querying our database. These types of information displays include calendars, event details pages, promotion spuds that list upcoming events, and hover popups that contain event details or daily event listings.
Why does Trumba set a page view limit on accounts? We set page view limits because the database queries required to display event information consume resources and cost us money. We've set the page view limits quite high - 1,000,000 per month for a single user subscription. Many customers will never reach this limit. If you do exceed the number of page views included with your subscription, we will contact you to set up a new pricing structure. For answers to questions about how page view pricing affects your specific situation, please contact Sales.

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