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Ask your members to list their top demands and a couple of requirements are likely to show up right near the top.

Fitness enthusiasts typically want up-to-date class schedules that reflect last minute changes and an easy way to incorporate classes into their own personal scheduling solutions.

With Trumba Connect, you can satisfy both of these demands — and offer your members a whole lot more.

Expand each of the following key benefits to learn how Trumba Connect helps keep your members active and informed.

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expandGet up and running quickly

  • Take advantage of Software as a Service by subscribing to our web-hosted solution. You have nothing to download or install. Because the software is already up and running on our servers, once you decide on your account and calendar structure, you're ready to get your events online.
  • Save time and money by relying on our secure server and network infrastructure. Immediately benefit, with no action required on your part, from frequent upgrades and bug fixes.

expandIntegrate fitness schedules into your members' calendars

  • Fitness is an integral part of your members' lives. Make it an integral part of their personal calendaring solutions as well. Every Trumba calendar you publish is interactive. Members can easily add classes and events to their Microsoft® Office Outlook®, Google®, Yahoo!®, and other personal calendars, set reminders, arrange to be notified if classes change, and more. They can also set up RSS feeds or subscribe to calendar emails so that information about new and updated events is delivered to them automatically.

expandMake it easy for members to find and sign up for classes

  • Your health club offers something for everyone. This variety is great but it has a down side. With so many options, it's not always easy for members to find the specific classes they want. Trumba Connect provides you with an innovative solution. When you publish a Trumba calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of widgets that control the way events display. By copying and pasting these control widgets into the same page as your website calendar, you give members the ability to search for classes, filter and sort them, and change the way classes are displayed to suit their preferences.
  • With Trumba Connect, members don't have to visit the full calendar to find out what's coming up. When you publish a Trumba calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of interactive event promotion widgets that you can place anywhere on your website. Members click a widget link to see event details or navigate to the full calendar. When you use widgets to promote events on pages throughout your website, your classes are more discoverable and you drive traffic to the calendar page. If a lot of your members work for the same company, you might ask the company's web master to add your promotion widgets to pages on the company's website as well.
  • You can set up open online registration for any class on your published calendar or you can invite specific members to attend. You have the option of setting registration limits and deadlines and electing to receive email messages each time a member signs up. Need a handy printout of student names and email addresses? Export the registration list.

expandAlways display the latest class schedule information

  • No more waiting on the web developer for the latest schedule changes to go live. The Trumba Connect editing environment is intuitive enough for anyone in your health club to use. Our flexible permissions hierarchy allows you to centralize responsibility for creating calendars and managing accounts and delegate maintenance to the appropriate fitness specialists. Any specialist with an editor account can add, delete, and update events and all changes appear immediately on the website.

expandCater to members' specific interests

  • In Trumba Connect, you can create member groups made up of the people who attend classes related to specific activities. By associating the group with an activity-related calendar, you can automatically, according to a schedule you specify, send email messages containing upcoming classes to the group members.

expandKeep your brand at the forefront

  • When you publish website calendars and other event widgets using Trumba Connect, you're in control. Using a Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other widgets reflect your club brand and integrate fully into your website.

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