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The three key strategies most likely to increase employee participation in training and other organizational events include:

  • Providing one central place where all relevant event information is available.
  • Placing upcoming event information where employees routinely look.
  • Getting event information on employees’ calendars.

With Trumba Connect, you can easily implement all three strategies.

Expand each of the following key benefits to learn more about using Trumba Connect internally to promote your organizational events and communicate with your employees.

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expandGet up and running quickly

  • Take advantage of Software as a Service by subscribing to our web-hosted solution. You have nothing to download or install. Because the software is already up and running on our servers, once you decide on your account and calendar structure, you're ready to get your events online.
  • Save time and money by relying on our secure server and network infrastructure. Immediately benefit, with no action required on your part, from frequent upgrades and bug fixes.

expandMake events easier to find

  • Trumba Connect gives you control over how to organize and present your events. You can devote a single calendar to each category of events that you want to promote and then mix the calendars together to present a comprehensive event schedule on a specific page on your intranet site.
  • The easier it is for employees to find the events they care about, the more likely they are to attend them. When you publish a Trumba calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of widgets that control the way events display. By placing these control widgets next to your calendar, you give employees the ability to search for, filter, and sort events and change the view to suit their preferences.

expandMake events easier to remember

  • Employees are more likely to attend events that they see on their personal calendars. That’s why every Trumba calendar you publish is interactive. Employees can easily add events to their Microsoft® Office Outlook® (and other) calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and more. They can also set up RSS feeds or subscribe to calendar emails so that information about new and updated events is delivered to them automatically.

expandUpdate events your way

  • Trumba Connect accommodates you rather than the other way around. We provide a flexible permissions hierarchy that allows you to centralize responsibility for creating calendars and handling accounts. You can then delegate maintenance to editor account holders at any level in your organization.
  • We give you room to move. You can create as many calendars as you need to appropriately organize events. By publishing combinations of calendars, you can tailor-make the views you present to specific groups of employees.

expandRegister and track event attendees

  • Do you offer training classes that accommodate a limited number of employees? Would you like to know which employees that you invited to an event actually decided to attend? Trumba Connect supports event invitations and open registration. You can set registration limits and deadlines, track individual responses, and export the registration data in a text format most spreadsheet and database programs can read.

expandKeep your brand at the forefront

  • When you publish events on your intranet site or in email, you want the events to reflect your organization’s brand. Using the Trumba Connect Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other widgets reflect your corporate brand and integrate fully into your intranet site.

expandCoordinate workgroup schedules

  • Whether your offices are in London, New York, and Bangkok or Los Angeles and Denver, Trumba Connect can help you coordinate work between teams in different locations. Within an account, each calendar can have its own time zone and you can mix calendars together to see all events in local time. To give employees the ability to change time zones on the fly, you can add a Time Zone widget to the page on your intranet site where you display the calendar.

expandCoordinate event submission

  • Keeping the corporate calendar up to date requires coordination among a number of departments. By adding a Trumba Connect event submission form to your intranet site, you simplify the updating process. Calendar owners know who submitted each event and they have the opportunity to screen all submissions before they go live.

expandProtect proprietary information

  • In Trumba Connect, you can password protect any calendar publication. However, that requires every employee to type a password before viewing the events and it may not seem like a high enough level of security if your event information is proprietary. That’s why we offer you the option of generating a secure key. You can use this key in connection with some code to return unique, secure URLs to employees who browse to the calendar page on your intranet site.

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