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People want to know what's going on in their communities. You want them to turn to your newspaper to find out.

Trumba Connect provides you with the innovative event presentation and content management tools you need to build community around and generate revenue from "go-and-do" information.

Expand each of the following key benefits to learn more about using Trumba Connect to become the event destination website for residents of the communities you serve.

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expandEncourage user-submitted content

  • You can't do it without them. Submissions from local businesses, organizations, and individuals keep your event calendars relevant and interesting. With Trumba Connect, you can copy and paste customized event submission forms into pages on your website.
  • The forms connect with calendars in your account to streamline your event submission process.
  • You can approve submitted events before they go live and identify trusted submitters.

expandGenerate revenue from event content

  • Establishing yourself as the destination site for hyper-local "go-and-do" content means more page views, more unique visitors, and increased visit frequency and duration, all of which attract advertising dollars.
  • Allow your advertisers and event promoters to sponsor events using our featured events functionality.

expandReverse pubish online event content to print

  • From any Trumba Connect calendar, you can generate a rich RSS 2.0 feed that contains custom field data you added to your events, xCal data, and more.
  • Through a variety of parameters, you can control start and end dates for the feed, maximum number of events, and the number of days-, weeks-, or months-worth of events to include.
  • By building an application that extracts values from the feed's data fields, you can transform the event information into XML and other formats that content management solutions and applications can read.

expandKeep your brand at the forefront

  • When you publish website calendars and other event widgets using Trumba Connect, you're in control. Using a Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other widgets reflect your brand and integrate fully into your site.

expandDrive traffic to event content

  • When you publish a calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of interactive event promotion widgets. Visitors click a widget link to see event details or navigate to the full calendar.
  • By placing these widgets on pages throughout your online newspaper, you make events more discoverable and drive traffic to the calendar page.

expandManage and maintain event information your way

  • You can create as many calendars and custom event templates as you need to appropriately categorize and organize events. By publishing combinations of calendars, you can tailor-make the views you present on specific channel pages.
  • Trumba Connect includes a flexible permissions hierarchy that allows you to centralize responsibility for creating calendars and handling accounts. You can delegate maintenance to editor account holders throughout your organization.

expandEnable visitors to easily locate and consume events

  • When you publish a calendar, you also automatically publish a variety of widgets that control the way events display. By placing these control widgets next to your website calendar, you give readers the ability to search for events, filter them, and change the view to suit their preferences.
  • Every Trumba calendar that you publish is interactive. Readers can easily add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and more. They can also subscribe to RSS feeds or calendar emails so that they receive information about new and updated events automatically.

expandCount on our reliable service

  • We provide full hardware and software redundancy to avoid unexpected down times. Our highly qualified operations staff is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We contract with an independent third party company to run periodic vulnerability scans on our external and internal systems.
  • When you subscribe, you can sign a Service Level Agreement that spells out acceptable uptime percentages and response time.

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