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Embed spuds, spud code, and API

Embedding a spud

Help links

Embed and customize spuds

  • Embed spuds

    What the spud code looks like and how to paste it into your webpages.
  • Spud FAQ

    Solutions to common spud embedding and display issues.
  • Control calendar views

    Modify spud code to publish different views on different webpages.

Spud code and API


After you publish a calendar and configure the main calendar, control, and promotion spuds, you're ready to integrate the spuds into your own website (and customize the spud code as needed).

Help topics for publishing calendars

You integrate spuds by pasting (embedding) spud code, automatically generated by Trumba® Connect, into the code for the webpages where you want calendars and other spuds to appear.

As the image on the right illustrates:

  1. Content you add and update in the Trumba Connect editing environment...
  2. Is stored on the Trumba servers.
  3. Spuds you embed act as bridges between the servers and your website and always show visitors the latest information.
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