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Seeking Cultural Consciousness and Competence in Hiring: Practical Strategies for Hiring the Faculty, Administrators and Staff We Need
WhenThursday, Jan. 23, 2020, 11 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Dr. Cris Clifford Cullinan

While colleges and universities regularly assert, in both their webpages and their strategy plans, that they are committed increasing the “diversity” of their faculties, as well as that of their administrators and staff, such big picture planning rarely leads to a discernable or significant change in the demographics of these groups.  In addition, it is rare that colleges or universities include, in the knowledge, skills and experience sought in candidates during the hiring process, any serious attempt to seek out and assess the cultural consciousness and competence of applicants.  Hiring without consideration of an applicant’s cultural competence indicates that a college or university does not consider these skills and this knowledge essential for academic and institutional excellence in the 21st century.  If we are seriously interested in what new and diverse members would bring to our institutions, we need to be selecting candidates who will increase the level of cultural consciousness and competence in our disciplines, classrooms, offices, policies and practices.  If we wish to retain the culturally competent members we hire, then all positions must include requirements for position relevant skills in cultural competence.  This workshop will offer practical and adaptable methods and strategies - including developing effective interview questions - for ensuring we are prioritizing these needs in all of our faculty, administrative and staff hiring. 
Participants will receive full documentation, templates, instructions and references for all strategies, methods and tools discussed.

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