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2050 Workout Community Presentation
2050 Workout Community Presentation
WhenFriday, Aug. 25, 2017, 7 – 9 p.m.

Join us as the next generation of leaders reports on how we can get to 100% sustainable communities in 2050. Parents and community stakeholders are invited to attend this inspiring and interactive presentation.

The presentations are free an open to the public. Please RSVP here and arrive no later than 6:45. We will start right at 7:00!

What is the 2050 Workout?
Every year, 100 highly capable student leaders from middle schools and high schools around the region meet for an intense 12-hour day to “forecast” a 100% sustainable community in the year 2050 and then "backcast" to establish practical, personal “action plans” for home, school and city to jump start the new school year. It is facilitated by student Sustainability Ambassadors with a strong emphasis on peer-to peer learning.

What will student leaders be presenting?


  • Integrated Water Systems - Net Zero Water
  • Clean Energy and Living Buildings
  • Local Food Systems and Regional Planning
  • Zero Waste and the Circular Economy
  • Transportation Systems and Regional Planning


  • What are the drivers and creative disruptions and when will they happen?


  • What will school be like in 2050? With the advent of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, what shifts can we expect in teaching, textbooks, and testing? 

"In the year 2050 today’s teenagers will have children of their own in high school. What will our communities look like if we are completely sustainable by then?"


Campus roomKane 110
Event typesSpecial Events
Event sponsorsSustainability Ambassadors…
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