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Impact of the start of Monetary Policy Normalization from the US Federal Reserve

The economic rebound in the US following the COVID-19 crisis has been much stronger and quicker than expected. Various economic figures from growth and activity, manufacturing and services, housing market, job market and particular inflation have all been much stronger than expected and have mostly scaled multi-decade highs. As a result, the US Federal Reserve has finally dropped strong hints of a potential consideration for the start of tapering their QE asset purchases. The dot plot implied timetable for interest rate hikes have also been brought forward from 2024 to 2023. Together with similar actions by other global central banks in recent months, this may well signify an important turning point in very generous liquidity conditions around the world as global monetary policy start to normalize gradually in a very cautious and calibrated way. Global investors are rightfully weary given the volatile experience during the previous infamous episode of “Taper Tantrum” back in 2013 when the US Federal… Fee(s): Complimentary. Contact: aei_sds@smu.edu.sg. Speaker Details: , Mr Heng Koon How United Overseas Bank Limited Koon How is the Head of Markets Strategy in the Global Economics and Markets Research team at UOB, where he formulates forecasts and market views for foreign exchange (FX), commodities and interest rates. In recent years, Koon How has started to follow the fast paced developments in digital assets and cryptocurrencies too. He has more than twenty years of financial markets experience across the key asset classes. Fluent in English and Mandarin, Koon How… RSVP: . Type: Talks & Forums. Seminars & Workshops. Subject: Business. Economics. Finance & Financial Markets. Audience: Public. Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM. Online (Zoom).

SMU-SASIN Programme – Sustainability for SMEs | Webinar 2: The How (Measuring)

Over recent decades, there has been a gradual re-appreciation of on the part of society for the role of businesses. Whereas business has been perceived by many as existing purely for the pursuit of profits, there is a growing realization that profits are merely a yardstick. What they indicate is how successful a company has been in answering the expectations of stakeholders—consumers and investors, and the community, society, and environment.   There are several facets of sustainability. One aspect relates to a firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), where businesses adopt good business practices as a responsible member of the society. This includes the use of scarce natural resources in a responsible manner through redesigning, conservation, and recycling. Adopting cleaner energy policies and following fair labor practices is also beneficial to the firm and for the society. Operating responsibly has been proven to be good for a company’s bottom line, as well.   The UOB-SMU Asian Enterprise Institut… Subtitle: How measuring your sustainability-related inputs and impacts can help guide your business success. Fee(s): Complimentary. Contact: aei_sds@smu.edu.sg. Speaker Details: Session: Sustainability as a source of competitive advantage - Planning and measuring business success Dr Richard Welford Visiting Professor, Sasin School of Management & Senior Advisor, ELEVATE group of companies Dr. Richard Welford is visiting professor at Sasin School of Management and Senior Advisor to the ELEVATE group of companies, He was previously Chairman of CSR Asia and is a Director of four other companies. He has published 15 books and written over 100 articles on corporate… RSVP: . Type: Seminars & Workshops. Talks & Forums. Subject: Business. Audience: Public. Friday, July 30, 2021, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. Zoom.