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Date URL parameter

The date parameter is an optional parameter that can be:

  • Included in the url argument in the $Trumba.addSpud() method.
  • Appended to the trumbaEmbed parameter in a URL-encoded query string.

I'd like to see a complete list of URL parameters.


Sets the start date for events displayed in a spud. You can use a date that occurred in the past.

Tip By default, without the date parameter applied, the start date is the current date or the first date following the current date on which an event is scheduled.


  • A date in the format yyyymmdd.

    For example, date="20131203" sets a start date of December 3, 2013.

Works with

  • Main calendar spuds
  • Date finder spud
  • Month list spud


url argument, $Trumba.addSpud() method, Main calendar spud

Sets the main calendar view to compact list and starts the display with the first event that takes place on December 3, 2013.

<script type="text/javascript">
{ webName: "calendarname",
  spudType: "main",
  url: {template:"compact", date:"20131203"}

URL-encoded query string

In the main calendar, date finder, and month list spuds displayed at the base URL, sets the view to 3 Columns and starts the event display with the first event that takes place on December 3, 2013.

Tip %3D is the URL-encoded equals sign (=). %26 is the URL encoded ampersand (&).

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