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Your organization wants to promote its events online. You're faced with a decision. Should you develop a website calendar in-house or pay a monthly subscription fee for Software as a Service?

If you consider what you get by leveraging Trumba Connect, a proven event content management system and application, we think you'll agree that you come out ahead by subscribing rather than building your own solution from scratch.


Since 2003, Trumba Corporation has dedicated itself to solving a problem: How to make event information available online so that businesses communicate their events effectively and consumers easily find and act on events that matter to them. By choosing to develop your own website calendar, you will face many of the same problems that Trumba has already solved.

A Trumba Connect subscription provides:

Dedicated development resources.
A team of talented developers is dedicated full time to providing the best solution available for publishing and promoting events online.
The best technology.
Trumba Corporation has established relationships with major hardware and software companies, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Internap, VeriSign, Watchguard, and F5 Networks. We store your event data in a secure, reliable, web-hosted event content management system.
An award-winning user interface.
An intuitive editing environment makes it possible for anyone in your organization to add and update events, maintain email distribution lists, and more.
An innovative event publishing process.
When you publish events, you create a collection of design-quality, interactive widgets that you can copy and paste into your web pages.

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