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Trumba FAQs

What is Trumba Connect?
Trumba Connect is feature-rich, innovative web-hosted software that you can use to publish design-quality website calendars and other event widgets, which you can easily embed into your own website.

You can customize Trumba Connect calendars and other widgets to reflect your brand, and all events are interactive. Your site visitors can add your events to their personal calendars, set email and text message reminders, forward events to friends, and take other actions.
Why do organizations use Trumba Connect?
Organizations turn to Trumba Connect when they are looking for the best way to add calendars to their websites. What they discover is that website calendars are only the beginning of what Trumba Connect has to offer. Our innovative publishing process and the customizable event widgets it generates set the stage for all kinds of creative possibilities.

Our current customers use Trumba Connect to:
  • Serve as go-to resource for local event content.
  • Build user-generated event content.
  • Increase awareness of events they sponsor.
  • Make events easier to find and remember.
  • Register event attendees.
  • Inform employees.
  • Coordinate workgroup schedules.
  • Manage projects and processes.
When you implement Trumba Connect, you may discover some inventive applications of your own.
What are spuds?
You've probably heard of widgets, also known as gadgets or docklets. The Trumba term for widget is spud.

We chose the term spud somewhat facetiously as a play on the concept of mashups. A mashup is a web page that brings together content from more than one source. The IT world borrowed the term mashup from pop music. In the music world, it means combining music and vocals from two or more songs to create a new song.

To understand a Trumba spud, think of it as a window that you add to a page on your website (to create your own mashup). What you see through the window is your event data hosted on the Trumba servers. The exact view depends upon the specific spud that you're using.

Because spuds are windows into your data, changes you make in the Trumba Connect editing environment show up immediately on your website.
Who is Trumba Connect for?
If you sponsor events that you want to promote to the public or internally, or if you want to serve as the dominant resource for local "go-and-do" information, then Trumba Connect is for you.

Our innovative publishing process and the customizable event widgets it generates make Trumba Connect the ideal choice for a wide range of organizations.

On our customer list, you'll find newspapers and other media organizations, colleges and universities, cities and towns, web development organizations, health clubs, corporations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, museums, and more.
How do I download Trumba Connect?
You don't. Trumba Connect is Software as a Service. This means that Trumba Connect is delivered as a web-hosted service via a browser.

After you sign up for a subscription, you can immediately begin using the software to publish design-quality website calendars and other event widgets.
How much does Trumba Connect cost?
As explained on our Pricing page, one single-user Trumba Connect subscription costs $99.95 per month. We also offer pricing by contract if want to purchase multiple licenses, require a service level agreement, would like to pay quarterly or annually, or expect to exceed 1,000,000 page views per month.

To learn more about contract pricing, please contact Sales.
How long will it take to implement Trumba Connect?
In general, web-hosted applications, such as Trumba Connect, take much less time to implement than licensed applications. Because Trumba Connect is Software as a Service, the software is already up and running on our data center. All you have to do is subscribe.

For a very simple implementation, you can go from an event data file to a website calendar within an hour. More complex implementations require decision-making and consultation up front to make sure that you set up your calendar, account, and permissions structures in ways that best support your goals. Contact Sales to learn more about our consulting and training packages.
How difficult is it to keep Trumba calendars up to date?
The Trumba Connect editing environment is intuitive enough for virtually anyone in your organization to use. You can set up a permissions hierarchy that allows you to delegate calendar maintenance to the appropriate personnel while protecting calendar and account settings.
Can I keep my own branding?
Definitely. Trumba Connect supports deep customization at a detailed level. We offer you all the tools you need to customize the appearance of the calendars and other event widgets you publish so they reflect your brand and integrate into your website’s design.

When your site visitors interact with your Trumba calendar to add events to their own personal calendars or take other actions, they open a Trumba Event Actions window. This window, like calendars and spuds, can be customized to match your brand.
Can I implement Trumba Connect myself or do I need someone from IT to help me?
Because Trumba Connect is Software as a Service, you avoid all of the overhead associated with conventional software, most of which requires the time and effort of advanced IT personnel. You can start setting up Trumba Connect immediately after you subscribe without downloading or installing any software, configuring any servers, or writing any code.

Most likely, you'll want the person who manages your website to set up Trumba Connect, customize your calendars and other event widgets, and embed the widgets into your web pages.

When it comes to calendar maintenance, our editing environment is intuitive enough that anyone in your organization can keep calendars up to date. Using our permissions hierarchy, you can delegate maintenance to the appropriate personnel while keeping calendar and account settings secure.

If you have questions about implementing Trumba Connect in your specific situation, contact Sales.
How reliable is the Trumba Connect service?
Organizations, such as and Harvard University, already rely on us. You can too. We've put safeguards in place to ensure that will be there when you need it. We:
  • Offer full hardware and software redundancy to avoid consequences from equipment failures.
  • Host your data on an industry-leading Internap network infrastructure that includes intelligent routing through all major Internet backbones to take advantage of carrier availability and the highest levels of bandwidth.
  • Provide a server farm that is ready to scale to quickly meet growing customer demand.
  • Have a highly qualified Operations team on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond within minutes if we receive notification of site outage or severe performance problems.
Will my event and account data be secure?
Yes. We've taken steps to ensure that the production and network infrastructures that house and transmit your data meet the highest security standards. We:
  • House our production equipment in a high-security, reinforced colocation facility that is guarded on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides redundant power supplies with battery and generator backups.
  • Contract with an independent company to conduct periodic vulnerability scans on external and internal systems.
  • Have a dedicated backup server farm that continually replicates customer data.
  • Use the best encryption products available to protect your payment information, including 128-bit VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certification.
Can I get help setting up my Trumba Connect implementation?
Of course! We are known for the thorough support we provide both during implementation and afterwards. Our calendar experts are happy to assist customers of any size or type. We have over a decade of experience providing solutions to the most complex calendar issues. We will work with you to help design your implementation and ensure that your calendar system meets all of your needs. We can also provide training. For more information, please contact a Trumba representative at 1-800-925-0388.
What if I need some custom development?
We're happy to discuss custom development as part of your subscription package. Please contact a Trumba representative at 1-800-925-0388 to discuss the details.
Can I import event information?
Yes. Trumba Connect can import event data files in standard formats, such as iCalendar or vCalendar files, comma separated values or tab delimited text files, or Microsoft Excel worksheet files. You can import data files directly or from a web URL.
Can I reverse publish my event information?
Yes. You can generate a rich XML feed from any calendar for re-use in print. We can work with you to format the feed data appropriately for your editorial system. To learn more, see Reverse Publishing Online Event Information
Do you support user-generated content?
Yes. With Trumba Connect, you can create customized event submission forms that make it easy for individuals, venues, businesses, and organizations to submit events to your website calendars. You can approve submissions before they go live and we are currently working on a feature to allow you to automatically accept events from trusted submitters.
How much down time can I anticipate?
We provide full hardware and software redundancy to avoid unexpected down times. We also have a highly qualified operations staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visit Security and Reliability to learn more.
How often do you push new releases?
We release updates that include new and improved features almost every week.
What kinds of service and support can I expect?
Phone and email technical support is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm Pacific Time, Monday to Friday. To participate in our product support forums, visit When you're working in Trumba Connect, you also have access to our extensive in-context online Help. For more information about support, please contact Client Services at

If you would like dedicated consultation and/or training assistance in setting up your Trumba Connect implementation, you might consider one of our setup packages. You can also hire our Client Services representatives by the hour. For more information, please call Trumba at 1-800-925-0388.
Don't see your question listed here? Contact Trumba or call us at 1-800-925-0388.

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