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The Power of Custom Objects

Leverage Trumba’s innovative technology to track and publish directories of venues, performers, instructors, and more. Custom Objects save time, reduce data entry and maintenance, and make it easy for your site visitors to find the information they need.

Enhance your published calendar

Provide your audience with pop-up and detailed supporting information, all linked with your online calendar.
Example: UAB Medicine publishes a class directory related to their class schedule.
Example: The City of New Orleans recreation calendar links to recreation facility details.
Example: Brisbane City Council's popup library calendar links to their parks custom object.

Publish content throughout your website

Custom Objects offer the flexibility to publish any content, anywhere on your website.
Searchable directories can be displayed on their own pages and presented in custom views.
Example: Brisbane City Council publishes playgrounds, basketball courts, and more.
Example: Minnesota State IT COE publishes curriculum modules.
Example: The Washington State Dental Association publishes a special needs directory map.
Example: Trumba publishes our customer list using Custom Objects.

We’re here to help

We work with you to define your organization’s objects and guide you through the implementation process. Contact sales at 1-800-925-0388 for more information about how Custom Objects can benefit your organization.

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