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Calendar Solution Experts

Calendar Experts

Trumba’s professional staff is dedicated to helping you exceed expectations. We’ve worked with hundreds of implementations across dozens of industries and know what works. We can guide you to the best solution for your needs and help you make the most of Trumba Connect’s powerful features.

Client services ensure the right solution

Our calendar experts are valuable partners who work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and propose the best solution. For new accounts, Trumba provides two free client services hours, which we highly recommend you take advantage of for hands-on guidance through the design and publishing process.

"Trumba’s client services staff is wonderful… so good at thinking outside the box and understanding how our event was different. The Trumba product is easy to use and update and displays wonderfully on the public side." – Amy McGorry, SLAS

Calendar Experts

Our experts guide you from start to finish

We can guide you through your implementation, saving time and ensuring the best possible results. Our solution experts will ensure your outcome is the perfect fit for your needs.

"Trumba not only helps us solve current problems, but helps us think ahead, plan ahead, and design for what we may anticipate for the future… Anyone who uses Trumba should take advantage of Trumba Client Services." - Cami Orr, City of Ogden

One-on-one training with your data saves time

Our helpful staff can train you using your event data, providing results you can use and individualized training that empowers you to make the most of Trumba’s extensive features.

"I think someone could set-up a basic calendar on their own, but Trumba has a lot of nice features, both in terms of functionality and appearance, that you might miss without that help." – Joanne Hinkel, Boise Public Library

Calendar Experts

Affordable client services saves money

The most successful implementations start with client services training and consultation. For new accounts, Trumba provides two free client services hours (with a reasonable fee for additional hours). With most implementations needing only 2-4 hours total, we ensure that you receive the best outcome at a surprisingly low cost.

"Client services were particularly helpful because I was able to describe what I needed and more often than not, it was done for me." – Karen Howell, CKUA

Responsive to customer needs

Highly responsive to customer requests and input, we provide regular updates, rapid fixes, and prompt support. Our developers and customer service experts work closely together to make sure we are continually meeting your needs.

"The support we’ve received has been outstanding. Whenever we have had questions, we have had prompt, thorough, clear responses… We’re very happy with Trumba!"
- Neesha Schrom, Spokane Public Radio

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