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Add images to events

You can add images to events and then decide in which published views you want to display them.

Image in an event detail, calendar view, and promotion spud

Images displayed (from left to right) in event detail view, calendar view, and a promotion spud.

Before I learn how to add images, I need more examples of images in published views and an overview of how images work.

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Event and Detail images: Where it all begins

To include images in published views, the first step is to associate the images with specific events.

You associate images with events by adding one or both of the following image fields to the event templates you use with your calendars:

  • Event image field
  • Detail image field

I'm not sure how to add fields to event templates.

These fields, which are predefined, have special capabilities that let you add new images and list or search for images you have previously used.

Special Event and Detail Image fields

Predefined image fields have special image-location capabilities.

I'd like some details about how those special capabilities work.

After you use the fields to add images to events, you can then customize your published views to display the images. For example, you can customize the image settings in calendar and the event detail views to display the images at a specific size with specific style settings.

Event form image fields and spud image settings

You can set sizes and styles for the calendar and event detail views in which images appear.

It matters which field you place an image in. The following table describes the relationship between the image field and the views in which the image can be published.

The relationship between image fields and published views

Images in this fieldCan be displayed in
Event Image
  • Calendar views*
  • Promotion spuds**
  • Calendar emails
  • Calendar feeds
Detail Image
  • Event detail views
  • Classic Table calendar view
  • Upcoming Table promotion spud
  • Calendar feeds

*Calendar views that support event images Classic Table, List, Photo events, Detail List - Description, Detail List - Date, News

**Promotion spuds that support event images Photo Upcoming, Upcoming Table, Upcoming Fader List, Upcoming Vertical Crawler

Where can I learn more about adding and customizing spuds?

How to add images to events

When you add an image to an event, you can:

  • Link to an image file that's hosted on another website.
  • Copy an image file that's hosted on another website.
  • Upload an image file from your computer.

Files you copy and upload are stored in a hosted location on the Trumba servers.

You can see a list of all images that you link to, copy, and upload on the Images tab in the editing environment.

Images tab

Images you link to and upload are listed on the Images tab.

How do I manage my images collection on the Images tab?

To add event and detail images to events

  1. Make sure that the calendar to which you're adding events is associated with an event template that includes either or both the Event Image and Detail Image fields.

    I need more information about adding fields to templates and associating templates with calendars.

  2. In the editing environment, make the calendar active to which you want to add an event. Click Add Event.
  3. In the event form, for Template select a template that includes the Event Image and/or Detail Image fields.

    When you select this event template, the Event image and/or Detail Image fields appear in the form.

    Add Event form with two image fields

    What's the difference between the two image fields?

    Tip If you use just the Event image field and leave the Detail image field blank (or don't include it at all), the event image appears in both the calendar and event detail views. If you specify both an event and detail image, you see different images in each view. You can still customize the image size for each view. Typically, you use larger images in event detail views.

  4. To add a new or previously-used image to a field, follow the instructions described here.

    Tip If you click New to add a new image file, the Add an Image window opens. For help with options in that window, click the Image Source or Image Properties green buttons.
    Add an Image window green Help buttons

    Where can get more details about adding images using search?

    Should I make images the right size for my spuds before I upload them?

  5. When you've added image files to one or both fields, make any other changes you want in the event form, and then click OK.
  6. To display in your published views the images you just added, customize each calendar view, event detail view, promotion, calendar email, and calendar feed spud as appropriate.

    Where can I learn more about adding and customizing spuds?

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