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Pocono Record Becomes the First of Seven Ottaway Newspapers to Deploy
New Solution

SEATTLE, WA, April 18, 2007 – Trumba Corporation, a developer of innovative online calendaring solutions, announced today that Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. has selected Trumba Connect to power the online event calendars of its newspapers. Trumba Connect is an online event calendaring solution that helps organizations increase event awareness and attendance and better connects them with their audiences through a comprehensive suite of tools that includes a hosted, interactive web calendar, email, and reporting services. The Pocono Record ( is the first of Ottaway’s seven newspapers to deploy the online calendaring solution.

Ottaway, the Local Media Group of Dow Jones & Company, operates community media franchises in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon and Pennsylvania. In addition to the Pocono Record, Ottaway will soon roll out new Trumba-powered event calendars for its other publications including Cape Cod Times (, Mail Tribune (, Portsmouth Herald (, The Record (, The Standard Times (, and Times Herald Record (

Ottaway is using Trumba Connect to enhance the functionality and utility of its newspapers’ online event calendars. Trumba Connect enables Ottaway to manage all of its online event calendars from one administrative perspective and maintain a consistent brand look and feel, easily transferring publishing settings, such as font, color, etc., from one calendar to another. In addition to the main event calendar page, Ottaway is able to promote event information throughout its sites and link to the event calendars from multiple places online. Trumba Connect also helps Ottaway automate its publishing process through a unique RSS feed feature that allows event information to be automatically exported from the online event calendars to its print edition calendars.

“I’ve never worked with a vendor that has been so responsive to meeting my goals and expectations like Trumba has,” said Matt Courtney, Web Application Manager of Ottaway Newspapers, Inc. “Trumba Connect has enabled us to make our online event calendars more interactive and robust while, at the same time, saving us time and resources through automated features and centralized calendar management.”

Trumba Connect enables Ottaway’s website visitors to view event information and also interact with it. Visitors can add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and more. Visitors can also easily submit their own event information, which keeps the calendars active, interesting, and community-centered.

“Most local newspapers and publishing companies don’t have the time or resources to gather unique event content for their online calendars,” said Jeremy Jaech, CEO of Trumba. “Trumba Connect makes it easier for publishing companies like Ottaway to become a primary resource for local event information. The interactive event calendars help Ottaway’s newspapers engage their readers and better connect them with their surrounding community.”

About Ottaway Newspapers, Inc.

Ottaway, the Local Media Group of Dow Jones & Company, operates community media franchises in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon and Pennsylvania. Each Ottaway location functions independently with local editorial and management autonomy. The headquarters is in Campbell Hall, NY, in the Hudson Valley north of New York City. For more information, visit

About Trumba

Trumba Corporation is a Seattle-based developer of innovative online calendaring solutions that help businesses and organizations effectively publish, promote and communicate their events online. The company’s flagship product, Trumba Connect, allows organizations to embed highly interactive and customizable calendars within their websites. Trumba customers also benefit from an array of event-centric tools that include the ability to email calendars, create categories of calendars based on event types or geography, leverage user-generated content through event submission forms, drop events onto an array of personal calendaring solutions and much more. Trumba technology is used by institutions of higher education, newspapers, corporations, associations, cities and towns, hospitals and large religious organizations. Trumba Connect is a subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) solution. The company is privately held and backed by three of the industry’s leading venture capital firms, including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital and Oak Investment Partners. To find out more about Trumba, visit

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