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Trumba Provides Comprehensive Events Management System for more Universities

Seattle, WA, June 25, 2013 – Trumba Corporation, a developer of innovative online calendaring solutions, announced today that University of Utah selected Trumba Connect to power their campus-wide online event calendars. Trumba Connect helps universities and organizations increase event awareness and better connects them with their audiences through a comprehensive suite of tools that includes a hosted, interactive web calendar, email, and reporting services.

University of Utah leverages Trumba’s flexible event management features to provide customized calendaring for the entire university including individual college and department websites as well as a university-wide rollup calendar. Over sixty colleges, offices and units across the University including athletics, academic departments, health sciences, theaters, the museum and many more sponsor over one hundred individual Trumba calendars and sub-calendars, which site visitors can view individually or any number of calendars can be combined into one master calendar and displayed together. Trumba’s powerful publishing features also allow the University’s audience to filter fourteen event categories (academic, athletics, exhibitions, seminars and more) and fifty locations so that site visitors can easily find specific events of interest. Trumba’s keyword search provides another helpful tool for quickly finding a specific event.

Trumba’s support for Single Sign-On allows anyone who is logged in with a University network login ID to also be seamlessly and securely logged in to Trumba and submit events to the calendars without having to reenter their credentials. Trumba’s customizable event submission feature has significantly improved the university’s event publishing process and workflow. "The event submission form is very user friendly, much more visually appealing because of Trumba’s added features," says Shawn Wood, Marketing and Communications Assistant for University of Utah. "It used to be very frustrating before we switched to Trumba; people had to email photos to the administrative person to get them attached to their events. Some of our theaters on campus had to manually add and submit an event for each show time for every performance," adds Wood. "Now anyone with a university ID number and password (faculty, staff and students) can easily submit events for our calendars. People can submit their own photos with events, and the theaters can automatically add multiple show times. The event submission process is much easier and working very well."

Trumba’s powerful calendar sharing features enable the university to implement a flexible workflow approval process for those departments that wish to promote some of their events to the university-wide rollup calendar. Some departments choose to keep some of their calendars and events private so they are only accessible to specified departmental members, whereas others elect to publish all of their calendars and events to the university-wide master calendar. Wood notes, "We have over fifteen private calendars for the School of Music that appear only on their site, not on the main university site. They prefer it that way so that they have more control."

Trumba’s highly customizable design allows the University to easily incorporate their event calendars into their website, maintaining their branding and design preferences. Trumba’s flexibility allows the University to provide six different calendar views that visitors can select according to individual preference. Further customization is provided by Trumba’s filter views which the University effectively uses to provide separate calendars for featured events and ongoing events, in addition to the main calendar that includes all events published for public access. "Our administrative staff who reviews event submissions can select which events to highlight with the featured events tool," adds Wood. Photos and images add visual interest to these calendars and the event detail views.

Trumba’s Event Actions help the University promote events, making it easy for site visitors to remember and share event information. Students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community always see the latest events, can interact with a list of upcoming featured events to see event details, and add events to their personal calendars, set reminders, subscribe to RSS feeds and more.

"Now that we are using Trumba it saves a lot of time," says Wood. "We especially appreciate how completely customizable Trumba is. There is so much freedom and we can work wonders with the spuds to customize things however we want."

For more information visit the University of Utah web site at

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Trumba Corporation is a Seattle-based developer of innovative event marketing technology that helps businesses and organizations more effectively publish, promote and communicate their events online. Trumba enables customers – from small businesses to large organizations – to connect key audiences with their events, transforming those events into unique and highly-valued marketing and communication opportunities. The company’s flagship product, Trumba Connect, increases awareness of important events through hosted web calendar solutions and a comprehensive suite of event promotion tools. Developed for organizations that need to communicate event information to customers, members or employees, Trumba Connect is easy to implement and maintain, and is fully customizable for seamless brand integration. The company is privately held and backed by two of the industry’s leading venture capital firms, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and August Capital. To find out more about Trumba, visit

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