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Trumba Service Powers Student's Personal Class Schedules

Melbourne, Australia, October 28, 2020 –Trumba Corporation, a U.S.-based global leader in online calendaring products, announces its partnership with Victoria University to create a personalized calendaring experience for students.

Victoria University (VU) was recently faced with a mounting communications problem. The presentation of key event and class timetables to students used a confusing blend of online and offline methods. VU staff had no consistent system or approach for communicating such information. Hence, they could not guarantee that students were receiving the right information at the right time. Today’s students expect to be able to access all essential information online from any device.

To address this issue and better serve their students, VU partnered with Trumba Corporation to create a personalized student calendaring system. This allows each student to easily access key university information specific to them. Students can now use any device to display their up-todate personal schedules including

  • their personal class timetable,
  • relevant student events,
  • learning opportunities, and
  • administrative services.

The schedules are available in daily, weekly, monthly or list view formats. Students can filter down their events using a variety of custom filter fields. The student’s filter and view preferences persist on the device for future sessions, making for a more personalized experience. Student data is secured using VU’s existing single sign on system.

VU introduced the Trumba calendaring system earlier in 2020. The system is used by roughly 20,000 students and faculty.

According to Daniel Zahra, Project Manager at VU’s IT Services Project Management Office, “The introduction of the calendar has seen increased productivity for staff in the entire students portfolio, enhanced alignment to the University’s financial and environmental sustainability goals and increased satisfaction for students who now have a single source of truth for essential information and processes”.

“Trumba partnered with Victoria University to solve a complex communication problem and customized it specifically to their student’s needs,” said Dan Hickman, CEO of Trumba Corporation. “With Trumba’s customizable architecture, it can be tailored to the unique needs of students at other universities as well”.

Leon Kerr, Director of Student Services added, “At VU, we prioritize providing our students with a future-focused digital experience – to make their study with us seamless and prepare them as tech-savvy grads. Digitally transforming our student calendar has been an important step towards this”.

For more information about Trumba’s calendaring system, please visit

About Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) is a dual-sector tertiary institution based in Melbourne, Australia. It offers higher education, and TAFE via Victoria University Polytechnic. VU has eight colleges, each covering a broad discipline of study, six research institutes and seven research centers. The University has nine campuses in Melbourne's CBD and western region, and a tenth campus in Sydney. It also offers courses at partner institutions throughout Asia. More than 42,861 students, including around 13,500 international students, study VU courses worldwide. All students benefit from the University’s unique Block Model of course delivery. The VU Block Model enables students to focus on one unit or subject at a time over a four-week block. Since the Block Model’s introduction in 2018, VU students have performed better than ever, with an impressive pass rate of over 86%. For more information about Victoria University visit

About Trumba

Trumba Corporation is a U.S.-based developer of innovative event marketing technology that helps businesses and organizations more effectively publish, promote, and communicate their events online. Trumba enables customers – from small businesses to large organizations – to connect key audiences with their events, transforming those events into highly-valued marketing and communication opportunities. The company’s flagship product, Trumba Connect, increases awareness of important events through hosted calendar solutions and a comprehensive suite of event promotion tools. Trumba Connect is easy to implement and maintain and is fully customizable for seamless brand integration. To find out more about Trumba, visit

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