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Customer Examples

Seeing, as they say, is believing. But, many times, seeing is also understanding.

A few concrete examples can help you appreciate the innovative event publishing solutions that Trumba Connect has to offer.

We provide you with five ways to build your knowledge of Trumba Connect through examples, real-life implementations, and our demonstration website:

  • Our customer list Browse through some of our customer implementations and see for yourself how organizations of many types and sizes have benefited from our solutions.
  • Case studies Read a detailed case study to explore a particular solution in-depth.
  • Press releases Review our press releases to read customers' explanations for why they chose Trumba Connect.
  • Demonstration websites Visit our higher ed demonstration website to experience Trumba Connect for yourself.
  • Customer referral program Earn rewards for you and your organization when you refer Trumba Connect.

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