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Customer Referral Program Details

How to refer: To refer a potential new customer, send an email to specifying the organization and the contact information of the person within that organization being referred. Our sales team will log the referral and send you an acknowledgment email.

Expiration: Referrals are good for one year. After that, they expire. If a referred prospect purchases more than one year after the referral date, no award will be provided.

Duplicate Referrals: If the organization has already been referred to us within the prior one year, no matter whom the contact, then no award will be provided.

Referrals from Non-Customers: Referrals must be from a person in an organization that is an existing Trumba customer. No award will be provided for any referral provided by anyone from an organization that is not a Trumba customer at the time of the referral.

Referring Existing Customers: No award shall be given for referring an organization that is an existing Trumba customer.

Maximum Award: A maximum of one person shall be awarded one time only for each new customer referred, irrespective of any other details such as number of accounts or follow on sales. The award shall consist of a $50 gift card to the individual making the referral and a free publisher account month (a $100 retail value) to the referrer’s organization.

New Customer Standing: The referred new customer must purchase at least one Trumba Connect publisher account, and be in good standing for at least 30 days after the purchase prior to issuing the award.

No Individual Gift: In the event that the individual does not accept the gift card, the organization will be credited with 45 days of a publisher account.

Final Decisions: Trumba Corporation makes the final decision regarding the referral program awards. Trumba Corporation reserves the right to change or terminate the referral program at any time without notice.

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