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Implementation & Training Services

Our expert staff will help you determine your requirements and estimate the implementation services and number of hours recommended for your individual needs. For most basic implementations we typically recommend 2-4 hours of client services support to assist with commonly required calendar setup and publishing tasks. The hours may vary depending on the number of Publisher and Editor accounts, level of customization and optional features and services required. Moderate to complex implementations may involve some or all of the services listed below.

We also offer onsite and remote training tailored to meet your needs and can help you determine what training services would benefit your organization.

Area Description Estimate
Overview and calendar setup Create calendar structure including possible master calendar of events from multiple sub-calendars with individual templates. Share calendars with editor accounts. Create event templates and custom fields, share custom fields between event templates, set up field overrides. Configure time zones and other custom calendar settings. Administer accounts. 1-3 hours
Event creation Add, copy, edit and import/export events. Set up one-time, repeating and featured events. Add and manage images, embed, link to videos and documents. Set up searching and filtering, perform bulk actions. 1-3 hours
Publishing Set up calendar views, control spuds and promotion spuds. Customize email templates, RSS, iCal and XML feeds. Mix in calendars, create filter views, searching and filtering. Build groups in the Address Book and distribution lists within emails. Assist with secure URL and digital signage set up. 2-5 hours
Submission form Customize one or more event submission forms, share submission form calendars with editors or other accounts 1 hour
Event registration Set up online event registration for free or paid events, create custom registration questions and forms, run registration reports 1-2 hours
Event actions Add to calendar, Forward to Friends, Post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, work with Permalinks and QR codes 1 hour
Custom objects Design custom objects to create directories, manage and display data with tailored views 2-5 hours
Mobile setup Optimize calendars for display on mobile devices, set up feeds for mobile apps 1-2 hours

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