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Flexible Technology

Trumba Connect is versatile.

Our innovative publishing process and the customizable event widgets it generates set the stage for all kinds of creative applications.

The following examples illustrate some of the innovative ways that our customers are using Trumba Connect to promote their events and connect with customers.

Increase event attendance

The most effective ways to increase attendance at your events are to:

  • Make your events more discoverable.
  • Make it as easy as possible for people to add your events to their own personal scheduling systems.

Trumba Connect provides you with powerful tools for meeting both challenges.


  • As part of its patient education program, a hospital sets up a scheduled calendar email in connection with its Living with Diabetes calendar. Diabetic patients on the calendar distribution list automatically receive a monthly email message that includes upcoming classes and meetings. With just a couple of clicks, recipients can add the events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and take more actions.
  • A city keeps residents, business owners, and tourists informed about activities, opportunities, and deadlines by publishing an interactive calendar on its website. With just a couple of clicks, calendar visitors can add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, arrange to be notified if events change, and take more actions.

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Make events easy to find and remember

Your audience is motivated. Audience members want all the event information that you have to offer. So your task is to find the most effective way to deliver it to them. With Trumba Connect, you have several innovative options for delivering interactive, customizable event information.


  • Through an interactive calendar on the Events page of its website, a University department gives students, faculty, staff, and alumni immediate access to all departmental events including seminars, colloquia, staff and faculty meetings, matriculation deadlines, and more. Calendar visitors can search for events, filter them by specialization or type, and easily add them to their personal calendars.
  • A large health club keeps its members on track by promoting more than 100 classes a day in an interactive website calendar. Members can filter by club location and type of activity and easily add classes to their Microsoft® Office Outlook® and other personal calendars. An upcoming events widget on the club home page shows the current day’s classes at a glance.
  • An international film organization provides a worldwide directory of film festivals on its website. It publishes the directory in the form of an interactive website calendar presented in Compact List view so visitors can easily scan by month, click a festival title to see details, and click a button to add festival dates to their personal calendars. A Date Finder widget above the calendar makes it easy to display a specific month and date.

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Build user-generated content

People want to know what’s going on. To draw visitors to your newspaper, community, or regional website, you need to become the go-to destination for local event information. How do you build the best local event resource? By using Trumba Connect, which makes it easy and worthwhile for local businesses and residents to submit the events they’re sponsoring.


  • In the local events section on its website, a newspaper publishes an interactive events calendar. Site visitors can add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, and take other actions. The newspaper also adds a publicly-accessible event submission form. In the form, submitters provide contact information and describe and categorize the event. Newspaper editors sign in to their Trumba accounts to review submissions. Approved submissions appear immediately on the website calendar.

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Register event attendees

If you sponsor workshops, seminars, or other types of training events, you need a convenient way to manage the event registration process and track responses. With Trumba Connect, you can set up event registration in the context of creating the calendars and other event widgets that you’ll use to promote your events. You can easily integrate PayPal or another payment system into your registration process.


  • A software company offers different levels of seminars to train customers to use its flagship product. For Novice sessions, the company provides open registration and sets a registration limit of ten. Visitors to the company’s website register by clicking Sign Up buttons on the calendar. If a session is full, customers add themselves to a waiting list. For Advanced sessions, the company sends email invitations to customers who attended a Novice session. Recipients click a link in the message to register. The company tracks all responses, automatically adds new customers to its Trumba Address Book, and exports the final registration lists for use in its customer database.

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Inform employees

You dramatically increase the odds that employees will take advantage of training opportunities and attend company events by:

  • Providing one central place where all relevant event information is available.
  • Placing upcoming event information where employees routinely look.
  • Getting event information on employees’ calendars.

Trumba Connect makes it easy to accomplish all three goals.


  • A large HVAC company keeps all of its employees, from secretaries to service and repair technicians, informed about company-related events by publishing a comprehensive calendar on the Events page of its intranet site. Employees can filter events by category, search for and sort events, and change the calendar view to suit their preferences. They can also easily add events to their personal calendars, set up RSS feeds, and take other event actions. To promote events widely, the company adds upcoming event widgets to popular pages throughout its intranet site. Employees interact with the widgets to see event details or navigate to the calendar.

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Coordinate workgroup schedules

Whether your offices are in London, New York, and Bangkok or across town from one another, Trumba Connect helps you coordinate work between teams in different locations.


  • A large energy company has offices in Oklahoma and Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To coordinate meetings between employees in the US and UAE, each office publishes on the company intranet site an event calendar set for its own local time zone. By sharing calendars between offices, employees in each location can mix the calendars together to see all the events in local time.

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Manage projects and processes

When a project or process involves a lot of steps, people need help keeping the steps straight and following and prioritizing them. Trumba Connect provides you with innovative tools for presenting processes in ways that make them easy for your audience to manage.


  • An educational association aimed at high school students publishes a calendar on its website that lists the steps involved in applying for college. Each step is associated with a deadline and is prioritized as essential or recommended. Students can sort events by priority, add events to their personal calendars, and take other actions.
  • A university manages the internal aspects of planning a new branch campus by publishing a project schedule on their intranet site. Team members have a central place to go to track progress. In addition, the project coordinator sets up a scheduled email message and distribution list in connection with the project calendar. Every other week, team members automatically receive email messages that contain upcoming events and deadlines. From the email message, members can add events to their personal calendars, set event reminders, and take other actions.

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