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Approachable and deep. Trumba Connect, an innovative web-hosted solution for publishing and promoting your events online, is both.

Web developers and the folks charged with managing your organization’s events benefit from the rich set of features that Trumba Connect offers.

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If you're a web developer If you're an event organizer/promoter
  • You’ll appreciate the low start up and maintenance overhead associated with a web-hosted solution.
  • You can immediately focus on creating AJAX-based interactive calendars and other event spuds to promote your organization’s events online.
  • Because deployment is straightforward—you embed the event spuds by copying and pasting JavaScript™ calls—you can focus your energy on customization.
  • Using a Publishing Control Panel, you can set colors and fonts so your calendars and other spuds reflect your brand and integrate fully into your website.
  • You set up and then let go. An intuitive user interface makes it easy for the people who organize and promote events to keep their own calendars up to date.
  • Don’t worry about going through another person or department to keep your calendars up to date.
  • The award-winning Trumba Connect interface is intuitive enough so that anyone with a Trumba account can add, delete, or update events and maintain calendar distribution lists.
  • A permissions hierarchy prevents editors from inadvertently changing vital account and calendar settings.
  • Every Trumba calendar is interactive. Calendar visitors can easily add events to their personal calendars, set reminders, subscribe to RSS feeds, and more.
  • Through the graphical Publisher Dashboard built in to every Trumba account, you can monitor calendar activity and track visitors’ interactions with your events.

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