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What is a spud?

What Are Spuds?

You’ve probably heard of widgets, also known as gadgets or docklets. The Trumba term for widget is “spud.”

We chose the term spud somewhat facetiously as a play on the concept of “mashups.” A mashup is a web page that brings together content from more than one source. The IT world borrowed the term “mashup” from a hip-hop music practice of mixing two or more songs together to create a new song.

A spud is actually a small piece of JavaScript™ code that retrieves event information stored on the Trumba servers. To display event information on your website, you copy and paste the spud code into your web pages (to create your own mashups).

Spuds embedded into your web pages act like windows. What you see through these windows is your event information on the Trumba servers. The exact view depends upon the specific spud that you’re using.

Because spuds are windows into your hosted data, changes you make in the Trumba Connect editing environment show up immediately on your site.

To experience for yourself spud power and simplicity, go play on our demonstration website.

Visit Our Demo Site

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