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Software as a Service

Trumba Connect is Software as a Service (SaaS).

This means that, instead of purchasing a software license and installing the software on your own servers, you subscribe to the Trumba Connect solution that we host on our servers, and you access the solution over the Internet.

As the following table demonstrates, you benefit from a web-hosted subscription model by saving time and money, and making better use of your resources.

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Benefit from near zero start-up costs

No large infrastructure investment

Trumba Corporation maintains state-of-the-art equipment and a network infrastructure with the highest levels of vulnerability and security protection. All you have to do is sign up for an account.

No large initial cash outlay

Trumba Connect is available through a monthly or annual subscription plan. Subscribers can add editor accounts to their full subscriptions, and they can adjust the number of accounts at any time. Service level agreements and implementation packages are available.

Subscription costs reflect economies of scale

Trumba stores all customer data in a state-of-the-art database powered by the 64-bit edition of Microsoft® SQL Server. A secure sign-in process protects each customer’s data and, at any time, customers can export their data to a standard calendar (iCalendar) or tabular text format (Comma Separated Values) that can easily be imported into other commonly used programs.

Get up and running quickly

No deployment delays

After you sign up and pay for one month, you have access to all of the Trumba Connect features. Using the intuitive user interface, you can immediately import or enter your event data, publish your calendars and other event widgets, and embed them into your website.

Accommodate your existing workflow

Using the flexible Trumba Connect permissions framework, you can delegate event maintenance to anyone in your organization while maintaining control over account and calendar settings.

Eliminate infrastructure and maintenance costs

State-of-the-art server farm

Built on Hewlett-Packard and Dell® 64-bit processing platforms powered by the latest edition of Microsoft SQL Server, our server farm is ready to scale to quickly meet increased customer demand.

Separate backup server farm

Trumba continually backs up customer data and stores backups securely offsite.

Full hardware and software redundancy

Intelligent load balancers from F5 Networks automatically choose active routes, avoiding consequences from equipment failures.

Industry-leading Internap® network infrastructure

Intelligent routing through all major Internet backbones achieves the highest availability and lowest latency.

Equipment housed in a high-security, reinforced collocation facility

The facility is guarded on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and provides redundant power supplies with battery and generator backups.

Vulnerability scans

Trumba contracts with an independent company to conduct periodic vulnerability scans on external and internal systems.

Fully staffed, highly qualified Operations team

The team monitors the site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is on standby to respond within minutes to site outage or performance notifications.

Gain immediate access to the latest innovations

Quality assurance testing

The Trumba quality assurance team not only tests bug fixes and new features but also beta versions of other products. As a result, Trumba Connect works with the latest versions of all major web browsers and operating systems, including Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 7 and Windows Vista™.

New version released almost every week

Customers benefit from frequent new features and feature improvements. New feature releases require no action from customers.

Join a community with a shared purpose

Real-time monitoring

Trumba Corporation continuously evaluates real-time customer data to reduce the response time for the calendar and other event widgets that customers embed into their websites. By modifying server- and client-side caching, Trumba has significantly improved widget performance.

Rapid bug fixes

When customers identify significant bugs, Trumba fixes them and immediately pushes a new release.

Thriving support community

Trumba Corporation’s support professionals maintain an active product support forum where customers get prompt, detailed answers to technical questions and receive advice and ideas from other customers.

Peer evaluation

From customer lists, snapshots, and case studies on the Trumba Corporation website, customers can find links to other Trumba Connect implementations, where they can get ideas and build relationships with their peers.

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