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Delete, remove, and cancel events

You have three options for getting rid of events that appear on Trumba® calendars: you can delete, remove, or cancel them.

The table that follows explains the differences among the options.

For instructions on how to delete, remove, or cancel events, click a link under See Also on the left.

Delete, remove, and cancel compared

ActionDescriptionWorks on
DeletePermanently erases events from every calendar where they appear, including published versions of calendars.Events on calendars you can edit1 that are owned by2 the displayed calendar.
RemoveRemoves events from the displayed calendar but doesn't delete the events, which still appear on other calendars.Events added to the displayed calendar from another calendar you created, a published calendar, or a calendar that is shared with or emailed to you.
CancelEvents remain on the displayed calendar but are labelled CANCELED (the label shows up in the published calendar).Events on calendars that you can edit1.

1Calendars that you can edit include calendars you created or shared calendars to which you have edit rights.

2What does it mean for a calendar to "own" an event?.


  • You can't undo Delete. When you delete an event, it is erased permanently from every nonpublished and published calendar where it appears.
  • You can't Remove events from the calendar that owns them; to get rid of events on the owning calendar, you have to Delete them.
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